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Cadillac CT6-V Stops Production at 2020



The fate of Cadillac CT6-V is uncertain. After all, General Motors don’t have plans to build this vehicle model after January 2020. The reason is that the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant ends production by then.

With that, most experts conclude that the 550-hp sports sedan is dead. It’s a shame since it’s the sole flagship sedan that can cut a corner with sharpness. It’s compounded by the fact the twin-turbo V-8 is the closest engine given by General Motors that it deserves.

Performance Expectations

The CT6-V doesn’t have this aggressively quick feeling. It’s even though it takes 3.8 seconds for it to get to 60mph, making it travel a quarter-mile within 12.2 seconds. The Blackwing V8’s peak torque is late compared to most turbocharged engines at 3400rpm.

Its power will top out at 5000 revs while the limiter shuts it down at around 6000rpm.

With this narrow window of power delivery combined with its 10-speed tight ratios of the automatic, the CT6-V won’t spend a lot of time in any single gear. The shifts will interrupt the engine’s speed gains.

That means its speed cap will be at 149 mph, which is uncharacteristic for vehicles of this engine type.

The Blackwing V-8

This General Motors engine brings the car company to the current century. In its valley, two twin-scroll turbochargers reside. It also has four spinning camshafts above the engine’s cylinder heads.

The Blackwing V-8 boosts about 20.0 psi, shooting fuel into the cylinders and channels through the connecting rods as well as the crankshaft. It does this by using an astounding torque level of 640 pound-feet.

The Blackwing has a redline of 500rpm—earlier compared to Corvette’s mid-engine LT2 V-8. It’s the case since the German-engineered V-8 engine has a reversed flow. It means the engine sends the intake air into the heads from its flanks.

With that, the engine removes the air through the V’s center. This challenge is new for General Motors, and any engineer sees it as a packaging nightmare. In simpler terms, plumbing problems prevent the Blackwing from reaching higher rev levels.

Low Redline and Questionable Interior Design Choice

The Blackwing engine sounds dignified and high-end compared to the small-block. This V-8 engine has a smooth rev, with a growl that sounds deep but domesticated. Take note, a tamer version of the engine installed in the CT6 Platinum makes torque of about 574 pound-feet and 500 horses.

In some cases, you’ll hear the occasional rowdy sounds. After all, it’s an engine that only has four cylinders. It’s accompanied by shudders when the engine initially opens the throttle since the cylinders get back to work.

The interior upgrades for this vehicle aren’t as apparent. It has special graphics for its gauge with carbon-fiber trim accented with copper. These are its defining designs when compared to a CT6 Platinum.

The bad news is that it suffers from the same problems seen in any other CT6 vehicles. It has this chunkiness that makes it have this uninspired and low-rent feeling. It’s even when you compare it to its other German rivals and other newer SUVs in the market.

The Future of the Blackwing

The plant located in Bowling Green, Kentucky assembles all the Blackwing engines. It’s rumored that this place will assemble the mid-engine 2020 Corvette. By then, most experts expect that the car’s spiciest versions will have an overhead-cam engine to power them.

Other rumors say that the Blackwing won’t become the basis for the more powerful Corvette engines. Instead, they will start using a flat-plane-crank V-8. This engine will have mounted turbos on either side of its block.

These rumors make most experts wonder about the future of the Cadillac engine. In the best situations, the forthcoming CT5’s hottest version will make for a natural fit. But it’s also possible for the car to get a cheaper small-block V-8 engine instead.

If you still want to get a Blackwing-powered vehicle, the sure-fire way is to act fast. There’s still time for you to order the CT6 along with 600 other people. If you don’t, you’ll have no idea how the future of this vehicle unfolds after 2020.

The Bottomline

The CT6-V has some minor drawbacks that don’t take away a lot from its great driving dynamics. This car gives you the feel of both a confident backroad companion and a calming interstate traveler. It’s also a worthwhile upgrade over the CT6 Platinum’s performance, whether it’s the engine or its handling abilities.

This CT6 car also sells cheaper than its Platinum counterpart. Take note, the latter has fancier seats as well as the Super Cruise. Regardless, it’s proof that the CT6-V is for car owners who intend to drive on their own.

Regardless, if this is your style of driving, the CT6-V will let you enjoy the experience.

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