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BMW’S 6 Series Gran Turismo Unveiled



The Auto motor giant BMW took covers off the 6 series Gran Turismo which will officially hit the roads in 2018. Extending 200.9 inches in length and 74.9 in breadth, the Gran Turismo stands tall at 60.6 inches. A full throttle coup like hatchback, the Gran Turismo work wonders to integrate elements of a crossover, hatchback, sedan and a coupe packed together in an exclusively one vehicle. In order to measure the car’s weight down, the company has incorporated exclusive aluminium built to the car. Initially, the launched confirmed that only one model would be available in the market, where it starts from $70,695.

Focusing our attention towards the front, the BMW 6 series Grand Turismo resembles the flagship 7 Series as it has been incorporated with a similar headlight design and full LED headlights which happens to be standard adaptive, loaded with the goodness of hexagonal LED light accents. What makes the car a wonder to glimpse at, is the car’s amazing couple of kidney grills which have been revamped to showcase an active set of grill shutters that works in conjunction with the air curtains and air inlets to improve the car’s aerodynamics. At the back, the 6 Series Gran Turismo showcases a splendid rear spoiler which could be employed at high speeds ranging over 75 mph to assist in reduction of the lift and improve its drag coefficient.

Looking at the 6 Series Gran Turismo’s rich interior features which incorporate a five-seat frame-work layout furnished with 40/20/40 folding rear seats backed up by shrewd power and designed exclusively to take care of the comfort during the course of long drives. With a wonderful cargo space of around 65 cubic feet, the car is a luxury paradise which could be utilized to create more cargo space by lowering the back seat if desired. The company has worked wonders on the car by lowering the load height by a couple of inches. With the standard sports seats fitted upfront, you could even install the multicontour seats which are a great alternate. Shifting our attention towards the rear batch of seats, which are not only electrically backed up to offer adjustable comfort but also recline to various comfort modes. Featuring notch taller rides as compared to the standard sedans or the hatchbags, to offer you an added luxury during the long rides.

The technical side matches the yardsticks set up by the rich exteriors and interior of the premium luxury car. The 2018 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo comes loaded with the goodness of the standard iDrive 6.0, which showcases an impressive touch screen and navigation varying 10.25-inch in size. Backed up by powerful bowers and Wilkins audio system which are premium in itself and derive a meagre power of A 1,400-watt. The sound-sturdy music system is complimented exceptionally well by the Apple Car Play and Android connect compatibility. To assist you while driving, the company has taken special care by devising an Active Driving Assistant, which works wonders to integrate an active blind-spot warning, forward collision warning, daytime pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and much more. Not to forget, the company has worked its time to develop the crucial automatic emergency braking which comes in handy to banish any sudden accidents; the rear and front cross-traffic alert, and an active speed limit alarm which works with an added accuracy. The driving assistant plus package could be upgraded into an active safety feature suite, which could be utilized to incorporate an auto-adjustable cruise control which could surprisingly stop the car instantly and auto-restart it within half a minute. The car is enriched with the goodness of an instant stop-and-start function, a masterly lane keeping assist with a keen vigil for the side collision, an exclusive assistant to counter the traffic jams.

As the car would only be launched in one version, therefore the lone powertrain option is a 3.0-liter turbo I-6 engine loaded with the power of 335 horses and a 332 lb- of torque complimented exceptionally well by the eight-speed automatic transmission which comes loaded with the goodness of paddle shifters. The Gran Turismo is expected to touch the 60 mph mark within 5.1 seconds, as estimated by the BMW. One thing that helps the car stand apart and a notch higher is its transmission that fetches data from the GPS and navigation system in order to facilitate the quick engine brake or avoid any irrelevant changes of gear while the car take turns. In the much hyped “Eco Pro mode”, the car’s coasting function gets activated which paves way for decoupling the power train resting between 30 and 100 mph when the driver is all set to lifts off the gas.

The good news for you, The BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo hits the roads this fall.

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