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BMW X6 vs. Audi Q7 Comparison



BMW is a hallowed name in the automotive industry, but when it comes to prestige Audi isn’t all that far behind. Now some people are comparing and debating the merits of the BMW X6 against the Audi Q7, and when you compare them side by side it’s easy to understand why there’s no consensus as to which is the better vehicle.

But when it comes to the matter of which is the better buy, it’s not even close. The value for money of the Q7 is simply superior. Let’s take a closer look at the X6 M and the Q7 Premium.


This is the area in which the X6 is clearly better. After all, the X6 offers 555 HP at 6000 rpm, while the Q7 only has a comparatively meager 272 HP at 4750 rpm. The X6 takes a swift 4.3 seconds to get from standstill to 60 mph, and 12.8 seconds at 110 mph to complete a quarter mile. With the Q7, you’ll need a plodding 8.9 seconds to get to 60 mph, and a slow 16.7 seconds at 85 mph to finish the quarter mile.

2015AudiQ7One of the main reasons for this is the X6 only needs to lug around 9.6 pounds per HP, while the Q7 is overburdened with 19.1 pounds per HP. At 60 mph, the X6 only needs 106 feet to brake to a complete halt, while the Q7 needs 140 feet. The X6 corners a little bit better, too.


But why should you get a BMW SUV for just the power and the speed? There are other factors to consider. You’ll need to think about practical considerations, and here the Q7 surges ahead. For example, in the city you’re going to stop for gas much more often with your BMW, since the X6 only gets a meager 12 miles to the gallon. At least with the Q7, you get an okay 16 mpg. And the Q7 gets you 422 miles in the city with a tankful of gas, and 581 miles on the highway.

The Q7 also offers seating for 7 people, which is just right for a bigger vehicle. On the other hand, the X6 space seems like more apt for a sedan, as it only seats 4. And while both vehicles don’t offer much space in front, at least the Q7 drive and front passenger gets 55.4 cubic feet of space. The people at the front of the X6 get only 53.6 cubic feet.

As for cargo, the Q7 wins, hands down. That’s what happens when you pit the X6 which has only 59.7 cubic feet of cargo space. The 72.5 cubic feet of cargo space in the Q7 is huge by comparison.

The Q7 is also a bit easier to maneuver in tight spots. The turning radius for the Q7 is 39.4 feet, while the X6 takes 42 feet. The Q7 also offers 8 gears in its semiautomatic transmission, while the X6 has 6.

Audi even offers 10 cup holders in the Q7, while BMW seems content to offer only 4 cup holders for its four passengers. On the other hand the X6 does offer a navigation system as standard, while the Q7 offers navigation as an option.

Entertainment and Luxury Features

Both BMW and Audi have great reputations for luxury and entertainment, so it’s pretty much even in this area, but BMW may be bit better. Both have the usual amenities, so either way you’re not going to lack for comfort.

However, the X6 offers 16 speakers, while the Q7 only offers 11. And the X6 also comes with the premium satellite radio as standard, while this is an option with the Q7. The X6 also comes with the BMW Assist for roadside assistance.

On the other hand, there’re really nothing wrong with the Q7 luxury and entertainment features either. It even comes with a subwoofer for the music system, and that’s not found in the X6.


So what’s the call? It seems that on the face of it, the BMW is just a little bit better especially for those who value performance. But for those who have a practical streak, the Audi here is more suitable. It all depends on your priorities.

But if your priority is bang for the buck, then the clear winner is the Audi Q7. The price factor is crucial here, because you can get the Q7 for a little over $47,000. That’s practically cheap compared to the more than $90,300 you’re going to have to fork out for the X6. And you save on gas with the Q7 too.

So in short, the price is virtually double for the X6 yet there’s no conceivable way you can say that the X6 is twice as good as the Q7. And that makes the Q7 the “better buy” proposition for the family.

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