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9 Cool Facts about the 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe



The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe comes back with its latest generation, and it’s the direct successor rot the 2018 Santa Fe Sport. With this midsize crossover, the focus has more been on its refinement, and you’ll agree that it somehow feels a lot more polished. It also comes with an impressive list of active safety features, and its sheet metal has been completely redesigned.

So here are some cool things you can expect from the latest 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe:

1. It Has Its Own Look

The Santa Fe features unique design traits that make its look distinctive. These include an upright greenhouse and a grill pattern that somehow looks like medieval chain mail. The vertical position of the headlights is uncommon as well, because these headlights are actually lower on the front fascia. The lights at the top of the hood aren’t the headlights; they’re the daytime running lights.

2. Advanced AWD

The HTRAC AWD is so advanced that it can accurately forecast where and when you need greater traction. It comes with sensors that monitor a wide range of data, including the driving environment, driver input, the stability control system, and the powertrain activity. The torque vectoring system lets your car rear drift out on dirt and gravel roads, but on firmer surfaces the system gets the brakes to reduce the speed of the inside wheel to boost your cornering capacity.

3. Smart Sense Suite of Active Safety Tech

This Smart Sense includes a whole bunch of seemingly futuristic safety technologies. These include adaptive cruise control with start/stop, front and rear automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, lane keeping assist, and lane departure warning.

All these are now standard for the Santa Fe. The blind spot monitoring system even steers you back in your lane if you change lane and you’re about to hit the car right next to you. This system also locks the rear doors to keep passengers from opening the door when a car is about to pass from behind.

4. Better Crash Performance

In the unlikely event that you do crash, the SUV will perform better thanks to the use of Hyundai’s in-house steel. About ⅔ of the body of the Santa Fe is composed of high strength steel, and that’s an increase from the previous Santa Fe by 14%. The rigidity of the 2019 model is also further enhanced by the 45% increase in the use of structural adhesive. Thus, the Santa Fe still improves its crash performance even while its overall weight is minimized.

5. Seats with Variable Foam Densities

Different parts of the seats are soft or firm, so that they’re ultimately comfier and yet more supportive. The upper seatback and the foam for the thigh support are the softest for superior comfort, while you have medium density for the lower seatbacks and seat cushions for some support. The most supportive areas (which come with denser foam) are in the side and thigh support, so that you’re securely in place during hard turns.

6. Configurable Interiors

One of the most important features in an SUV is having an interior that you can configure easily depending on your need, and Hyundai is well aware of this. In all the trims, the rear seats split 60-40. In the higher trims, you can even fold them from the cargo area with a touch of a button.

The rear seats can also go back and forth independently of each other, so you’re able to match the size of the cargo with the size of the persons on the rear seats. For smaller items you want to put away, you also have 2 storage bins under the floor.

7. Rear Occupant Alert

Do you tend to forget that you have your kid or pet with you in the back seat? If you get the SEL Plus and higher trims, then you also get the Rear Occupant Alert system. This has sensors to detect movement in the rear seats, so you’ll get a reminder if you left someone behind when you lock up the car and leave. If you walk off without noticing, the system will also alert you by honking the horn. Even if you were wearing earphones, the system will also send you an email and a message through the Blue Link app.

8. A Quiet Cabin

The noise is kept out of the interior with the use of lots of laminated glass for the windshield and windows. The floor has also been reinforced and there are more insulation pads throughout the SUV body.

9. Clearer Music

Instead of noise from the outside, you can opt to enjoy your own music through the 12-speaker Infinity surround sound system. This is standard equipment on the SEL Plus and higher trims. You get power and full audio clarity with this 630-watt audio system.

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