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5 Most Popular 18-Wheeler Semi-Trucks



18-wheeler semi-trucks are like beasts that rules the road. These amazing and powerful trucks are manufactured by the combination of a tractor unit which is attached to a semi-trailer unit. It is a vehicle which is very beneficial for many businesses. They are irresistible and cannot be ignored because of their size and functionality.

Semi trucks have a masculine and majestic look and that is the reason to wonder how an eighteen-wheeler can exist; yet, technology has made everything possible. They are usually referred to as semi-trailers and consist of multiple axles which can be used for various functions.

Choosing the wrong truck can cost you in terms of the replacement cost and loss of productivity. There are thousands of trucking companies in the United States. In fact, there is a giant list of trucking companies if you’re looking for that sort of data.

Here is a list of most popular 18-wheeler semi-trucks in the world with their notorious models:

1. Kenworth T680

This is one of the most productive semi-trucks and this could be the best purchase you ever make! It holds a great resale value when compared to other brands. T680 is considered the most fuel-efficient option in the market. It could also lead to large reductions in your fleet budget and surely pay off well in the long run.

It was specially designed for optimal aerodynamics such that it practically slithers on the road. This semi-truck features a robust selection of fuel-optimizing systems and it includes:

  • Tire pressure monitoring systems
  • Fuel-efficient drive axles
  • Performance assistance

Drivers are in love with T680 as it offers a perfect balance of comfort and style. It consists of an engine that outputs up to 500HP. The engine itself is made up of graphite iron which is supposed to help in long term durability.

2. Volvo FH16

Another popular 18-wheeler semi-truck model is the Volvo FH16. It has an I-shift system which brings a considerable positive impact on fuel consumption. The system is considered to be flawless but due to the absence of any manual interventions, drivers may forget that the gearbox exists. It is perfect for heavy duty transports, construction, and long hauls. Drivers using Volvo FH16 enjoy a safe long haul journey.

This I-shift system helps to use the truck’s kinetic energy to your advantage in order to save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions. way and makes travel a breeze. It also provides the right shift points in the transmission that is based on speed and engine load. Drivers can easily customize the gears to save fuel. This semi-truck also has natural gas fueling options as an alternative.

It has a very strong engine which produces up to 750HP. Volvo FH16 has distinctive dark paintwork with a glass pane.

3. International Lonestar

International Lonestar is distinctive and it looks like no other truck on the road; it shuns all the mechanical looks of the older trucks and expresses the new style with its sharply-angled luminous prow. It has four orange lights beside the hood as its signature look.

Lonestar has a huge bore of the diesel engine which is covered in a sleek chrome grill. This semi-truck is considered as the world’s most advanced big-rig truck. With its remarkable aerodynamics appearance and multiple breakthrough functions inside and out. Some major features include:

  • Standard ABS
  • Rolling strength
  • Traction control
  • 50-degree wheel cut

Hundreds of driving professionals find a perfect level of comfort while driving; this is because of the improved ergonomics and innovative suspensions. It is completely an innovation that entirely modifies the game for today’s trucking.

4. New Freightliner Cascadia

Safety is above all and the New Freightliner Cascadia is fully loaded with numerous safety enhancements that can help every driver mitigate the chances of errors and drive efficiently. The Cascadia 18-wheeler semi-trucks are best for the long haul. It has the new safety feature which reinforces the top goal of accident-reduction and protection of the driver.

There is also a Detroit assurance 5.0 and it offers a number of enhancements that help to improve safety, driving experience including latest camera technologies. It has an exterior that is greatly suitable for business purposes. The design and style of the truck is a bit reminiscent of the older trucks, although, it is quite modernized and more aggressive in its looks.

5. MAN TGX D38

Although it is not big in the United States, the MAN TGX D38 is still one of the best trucks on the market. It doesn’t matter how difficult it may be, MAN TGX D38 makes every task easier. This powerful truck transports up to 120 tons without any difficulty. This is because of its powerful engine performance and its pulling power is more than enough to carry heavy weights. Here are some features of this powerful truck:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Full torque availability
  • Safety features

Considering today’s marketplace and understanding the business needs, drivers usually emphasize on driving those semi-trucks which have high performance and are most reliable. These 18-wheeler semi-trucks are designed for heavy-duty performance while providing the best amenities.

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