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5 Car Wash Myths Debunked



Is is true your car gets damaged or scratched when you enter a car wash tunnel? That’s just one of the myths that surround cleaning and washing cars. Before you go to take your car for a car wash, let’s debunk some of these first. And remember, some

Myth 1 – The Tunnel Damages the Car

There is this belief that putting your car in the tunnel will damage the coat, leave permanent wash marks and so on. None of this is true. The fact is car wash tunnels are very safe as they’ve been designed specifically for vehicles.

Car wash tunnels use state of the art equipment to make sure your car doesn’t get damaged. They use only quality foam clothes, touch dryers and cleaners so your car looks and smells new, without any damage.

Myth 2 – Your Car Gets Scratched

This is another common myth that has no basis in fact. Car wash services use top of the line equipment to ensure your car doesn’t get scratched. Prior to cleaning, your car is prepped up so it’s ready for an express or thorough washing.

Myth 3 – Waxing is Not Necessary

This is false, and not waxing your car may cause long term damage. Waxing is n not just for aesthetics but also keeps the car in good condition. Waxing provides a good deal of protection, and without it, a car wash becomes nothing more than a simple wash.

Waxing serves as a layer of protection against dust and dirt. The wax keeps dirt from sticking onto the surface so your car looks shiny, new, dirt and bug free. Polishing also provides the same benefits so it makes sense to use this service. It is an integral part of the cleaning process.

Myth 4 – Washing and Cleaning are the Same

This is not true. Washing cleans your vehicle, but it is only done to the exterior. Cleaning refers to the vacuuming and dusting of the interior. Cleaning can also refer to a full service where your car gets an exterior wash and interior cleaning.

Myth 5 – Car Washes are Expensive

This is not always true, although it certainly can be. There are plenty of popular car wash options that are pretty affordable. For example, Delta Sonic prices start at around $15.99, while the Quick Quack car wash prices are even cheaper, starting at only $5.99. If that’s not affordable, then I don’t know what is.


There are a lot of myths involving car wash and how it supposedly damages your ride. But as has been demonstrated, these are nothing more than myths that do more harm than good. So if you have not already done so, check out a car wash near you and give your car that cleanup it needs today. It’s going to do you and your ride a lot of good.

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