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2021 Toyota Mirai Is An FCEV Alternative To BEV



Toyota sedans and other cars are reliable thanks to their unique manufacturing style. They’ve made consistent and quality cars with high resale values. This year, they’ve released another sleek sedan for customers to ogle their eyes on.

And that’s not all, it’s the first mass produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle to be sold commercially. The 2021 Toyota Mirai’s looks have been revamped, with the previous iteration looking like a Prius.

2021 Toyota Mirai XLE Engine and Performance

The Mirai XLE is powered with a hydrogen cell that turns oxygen from air into water. The free electrons are routed into wires that connect to the motor, delivering 128 kW of power. The electric motor gives 182 hp of power and a force of 221 lb-ft torque.

The car is able to reach 0-60 miles per hour in just 7.4 seconds, which is not disappointing, but pales in comparison to the Tesla Model 3. There’s only one transmission speed available for the Mirai.

EPA estimates MPGe rating is 76 city 71 highway and 74 combined miles, and the output density per volume is 5.4 kW/L. That translates to 402 miles of range.  The fuel cell 650-volt contains 330 individual units separated by titanium and sits comfortably under the front hood.

It still maintains the traditional setup for most modern cars despite being the first FCEV mass produced and commercially available.

Hydrogen is supplied with 3 tanks and the max capacity is 11 pounds. It’s still lightweight and shouldn’t affect the vehicle’s gross weight. If it did, the tank only has a weight of about 53 pounds (24kg). It takes only 5 minutes to refill all of the tanks. Fears for hydrogen tank explosions shouldn’t be worrisome, as they’re built with tri-layers of polymer, carbon fiber, and fiberglass.

In addition to the fuel cell, there’s a Li-ion battery to go with it that can produce 310.8-V of electrical power.

Driving the Mirai is easy thanks to three driving modes available: ECO, Normal, and Sport driving modes. The ECO mode conserves as much battery and fuel possible, and the Sport driving mode maximizes the power output of the battery and the fuel cells.

It’s a zero emission vehicle and that only leaves streaks of water. There’s nothing to worry about the water – it’s not radioactive as some people might believe.

Since the Mirai relies heavily on electrical output, it takes what it gives. Regenerative braking converts the kinetic energy from the wheels and converts it to additional power for the car.  The Toyota Mirai XLE is mounted with Super Chrome aluminum wheels. The wheelbase spans  to 114.9 inches.

2021 Toyota Mirai Exterior and Interior

The Toyota Mirai’s exterior and interior look well thought-out and streamlined. Smooth flowing lines characterize the Mirai’s interior, with all black trims and dark copper brown highlights. A touchscreen digital console is placed front and center and the instrument panel follows suit.

The standard XLE doesn’t have the sunroof and heated seats, both of which come with automatic climate control in the Limited variant.

The Toyota Mirai can accommodate up to 5 passengers and there’s more than 42 inches of leg room available for tall people. The rear seats aren’t as spacious though – it has only 33.1 inches of leg room.

The trunk space on the Mirai is able to contain about 9.63 cu. ft. and should provide enough space for anything.

The windows have UV filters and the sides are water repellent which passengers will appreciate for their landscape viewing pleasure. Front and rear seats are upholstered using trademark Softex. Seats are also adjustable, with 8-way power settings for the driver and 4-way power-adjustable passenger seats.

The steering wheel has leather upholstery. Dual zone climate control makes sure the passengers are comfortable in any type of weather. There’s also Bluetooth for hands free phone calls and voice command for easy location search.

The climate control technology adjusts the seat warmers and air conditioning simultaneously.

For road visibility, the auto dimming rearview mirror helps the driver protect their eyes from headlamp glare. In front of the driver is an overhead console with dome lights, maplights, and a dedicated storage for sunglasses.

2021 Toyota Mirai Accessories

The Toyota Mirai also features wireless charging tech and a 12V socket in the center console. For phones not compatible with wireless charging, there are three USB ports available for use, with one USB media port dedicated to playing music.


The Toyota Mirai Limited package has a starting msrp price of $66,000, while the XLE has a base msrp price of $49,500. The luxury sedan will be available later this year in December.

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