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2020 Cadillac XT6 a Three-Row Luxury Crossover



Building a luxury vehicle using mainstream models is something most vehicle manufacturers do but won’t admit. Regardless, the 2020 Cadillac XT6 is an overdue three-row crossover. Most experts say that the XT6 is C1XX, classified as a size-medium variation of the platform.

Its primary characteristics are wide tracks and a short wheelbase. In terms of dimensions, it’s almost the same as the GMC Acadia. It has slender headlights and has a clean look, but with its proportions, the XT6 doesn’t look as impressive when put beside some other luxury vehicles like the Volvo XC90.

Pros: Luxurious, Refined, and Practical

While its shape doesn’t make it that remarkable aesthetically, it’s more efficient when trying to fit more people inside. The XT6 can accommodate 6-7 passengers, offering more space in the third row. That means you’ll have more room at the back, regardless of whether it’s for small or average-sized adults.

Take note, the third-row cushions are on the floor, similar to beach chairs resting in the sand. With this design, you won’t have an easy time fitting more than three bags in its cargo area. Regardless, the XT6’s interior is much better than its exterior.

You can improve on this appearance if you’re willing to pay around $9,900 on extra features. Its Platinum package has a hefty price tag, but it has rich materials and high-quality fitment. With that, the vehicle’s humble hardware gets covered seamlessly.

The package upgrades your leather seats and includes a dash covered in leather as well as a suede-like headliner. Its trim can either be genuine wood or carbon-fiber. It also comes with other features that make the XT6 more convenient.

This vehicle improves the CUE infotainment system of the Cadillac. It has a new rotary knob behind the shifter. The only drawback is that it isn’t as intuitive as other systems like BMW’s iDrive.

Comfort and Quality

Regardless of whether you’re a driver or a passenger, the XT6 is comfortable. It has 8-way heated seats. They’re power adjustable with great cushioning and sufficient seat bottom space.

The chairs have enough adjustments that make you tilt or recline both sections of the seat. This allows you to get a good driving posture regardless of your size. Most of its footwells are flat, giving more space for your knees and head.

Cons: Needs Turbocharger and Generic Exterior Design

The XT6 has the 3.6-liter V-6 as its only available engine. This makes it obvious that the vehicle isn’t built using blue-chip bits. Take note, this engine is better for a mid-priced Camaro, with its quick-revving six-cylinder.

But for a 4,700lbs vehicle that’s a crossover between a three-row and a luxury brand, it seems out of place. The XT6 should have a turbocharger instead. After all, it needs the low-end torque to deal with suburban traffic with less effort.

The nine-speed automatic transmission is alert, at least. It has a smooth shift that drops the 310-hp V-6 to its sweet spot as soon as possible. It can achieve 60 miles per hour within 6.4 seconds, which is 1.6 seconds later than the BMW X5.

Generic Exterior

The lineup for the XT6 begins at $53,700 with a Premium Luxury trim for its front-wheel-drive. If you need an all-wheel-drive, you need to pay an additional $2,000. For another $2,400, you can get the Sport model, an all-wheel-drive-only vehicle.

The Sport variant only has a gloss-black trim for its exterior, making it bland. But it includes the following features:

Faster steering rack

Adaptive dampers

Heavy-duty cooling package

Twin-clutch rear axle

The axle makes the torque distribution varied between both wheels.

Isolated Precision

Cadillac uses this method to tune the suspension. It seems accurate, but the XT6 leans more towards isolation instead of precision. You can hardly hear anything from the outside when you’re in the cabin.

You also won’t hear the hoof clopping expected from its 21” wheels. It’s an upgrade that costs $1,000 for the Sports model variant. The vehicle restrains body movements with its features, making it more stable.

The XT6 Sport makes turning easier since it has a rear axle and torque vectoring based on its brakes. These features will allow you to control the vehicle better. But even with this, you wouldn’t call it a sporty car.

What’s more, you won’t call the XT6 a GMC, a Chevy, or a Buick.

The Bottomline

Cadillac didn’t make a lot of progress in fuel economy for the XT6. It has an average rating from the EPA, making it on par with most three-row SUVs. Regardless, this vehicle makes more sense as a luxury vehicle, but its Sport variant is desirable due to its handling.

With its features, the Cadillac XT6 is more family-friendly as a three-row crossover. If you’re planning to have a premium experience while riding with your family, this vehicle is for you.

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