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2019 VW Arteon: Big In and Out



Eye-catching, spacious, stylish, and upgradable, the VW Arteon might just tickle your fancy.

With its bold looks, the 2019 VW Arteon certainly caught a lot of people’s attention the moment it was announced. Who wouldn’t give this fastback a second glance when it’s so good looking? It has everyone raving about its design, making it worth getting just with its appearance alone.

The most striking thing about the Arteon is the fact that it doesn’t look like a Volkswagen. Since the automaker has been being very conservative lately and only releasing safe designs, the Arteon gives a breath of fresh air with its sexy silhouette. While it’s not as sleek as the Audi A5 Sportback, it’s still considered shapelier than lots of other fastbacks in the market today.

Lots of experts praise the premium exterior design of the Arteon as it looks more expensive than it really is. There are also lots of interesting details about this car that makes it all the more exciting. For starters, its clamshell hood is line-free. It extends all the way to the top of the wheel wells so there are no cut lines like in other vehicles.

It also has some muscular shoulders. There is no slab-sided styling in the Arteon which makes it appear bolder and sharper. There’s a lack of embellishments but it’s not a bad thing in this car. It manages to help give it a more streamlined and minimalist appearance that just works.

Even the wheel design of the Arteon is worth writing home about. Offered in 18, 19, and 20-inch varieties, all sizes look amazing. Unlike other premium cars that look basic with the smallest wheel size, the Arteon stays stylish even with the base wheel size.

With these, its curb appeal is pronounced without being over the top. So in a way, it still resonates with Volkswagen’s overall style even if this particular vehicle doesn’t look exactly like the other models made by the brand.

Unfortunately, the premium exterior of the Arteon isn’t completely translated into its interiors. Starting off with the good points, it’s lined with luxurious-feeling Napa leather so you can count on your comfort in that regard. It’s also nicely padded on many areas, allowing you to get cozy on your drives.

Sadly, the center console is very obviously made of plastic. While it looks and feels sturdy, it’s still very noticeably made of plastic. The same thing can’t be said about the feel of the HVAC knobs, however.

The inside isn’t a complete letdown, though. With its size, it can really make a good case for itself. It’s designed to fit five people, complete with the fifth seatbelt. While the drivetrain hump can limit its functionality, it still works.

Size-wise, it offers a lot of room. The backseat, in particular, is spacious. Adults will not have to squeeze in and get uncomfortable on longer rides. Even its trunk is roomy, allowing you to carry a good amount of luggage on your drives.

The dash is pretty standard and has everything you’ll need on hand on your rides. It has 2 touchscreen screens that you can use for navigation, driving, or entertainment. With its Digital Cockpit feature, you can configure its display to best suit your driving style. You can also use it to operate compatible apps from your phone which can make your ride smoother and more fuss-free.

Topped with the Dynaudio® premium sound system, you can also enjoy crisp audio that will make your rides feel more luxurious. There are no USB ports, however, so you might need to get additional accessories for charging your gadgets inside this car.

Aside from the onboard tech, the Arteon also works with the VW Car-Net Security & Service. This nifty tech will let you access your car with an app, letting you enjoy more convenience.

As for its driving, if you happened to like the feel of a Volkswagen, the Arteon would feel very familiar to you. Some aren’t exactly too excited that it feels just like any other Volkswagen vehicle but it shouldn’t really be an issue.

With its 2.0-liter turbo-four, it’s capable of producing 268 hp and 258 lb-ft of torque. It also has an eight-speed automatic transmission, so you’re guaranteed enough power to enjoy your drives. You can choose between front-wheel or all-wheel drive options, as well, so you can decide on how much control you can get on your Arteon.

Despite these features, however, those who like to feel the road tend to end up slightly disappointed. It’s engineered to provide a balance between comfort and feeling the road, so it won’t let you tackle a fun road the way other driver-focused cars do.

Nonetheless, you still get good power for every driving situation with the Arteon. For a lot of drivers, that’s more than enough for regular use.

All in all, if you’re looking for a practical but stylish vehicle, the Arteon will be a great fit for you. Its size is hard to beat and its styling definitely stands out. It might not be the most exciting thing to drive but it can still be the powerful ride that you’re looking for.

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