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2019 Jaguar I-Pace Review



Mention the words electric car and chances the things that come to mind are Tesla and Elon Musk. But while they’re the ones grabbing all the headlines other manufacturers have been busy including Jaguar,  The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace has a range of 240 miles, has a luxurious feel to it, has a smooth finish and offers superior performance.

Speed and Performance

According to Jaguar the I-Pace will be made available as an EV 400 only for now. The all wheel drive will be fitted by a couple of electrical motors to propel the axles and this is complemented by 512 lb of torque and 394 hp.

There are no official records yet, but with those specs the I-Pace should get to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds. Even though the I-Pace tips the scales at 4800 lbs, it doesn’t feel like you’re pulling the car even in straights.

Accelerate the car and the synthetic sounds emanate from the speakers. The faster you drive the more the sound increases. The warbling and whirring is music to the ears but you can turn these off too.

When the artificial sound effects are turned off the drive becomes utterly tranquil. With light loads and driving under 30 miles per hour the vehicle only uses its rear axle motor. Crank the speed up and the front side glass – with synthetic acoustic lamination – minimizes wind noise.

Deceleration is 0.2 g when you take your off the accelerator. This is good enough for most traffic scenarios so you don’t need to slide off to the left pedal. Transitioning from friction to regenerative braking is smooth even if the pedal travel is a bit longer than we would like.


Its air springs lift the I-Pace body a couple of inches for off-road, and for egress and ingress is lowered by 1.6 inches. Drive the car up to 65 mph and it goes down by 0.4 inches, giving the aerodynamics a boost.

The 90 kwh 1229 lb battery and ground clearance the I-Pace gives you full control when cornering. 18 inch tires are the standard but there are 20 and 22 inch tires available. The 18 inch tires are fine for most occasions but if you want to push the I-Pace to the limit, use the bigger tires.

The 22 inch wheels drive nicely on different surfaces though there is some wallow on crests and dips. This is less evident on the 20 inch tires however. Unlike other electric cars the I-Pace can run on steep circuit tracks without power output loss. In this regard the I-Pace outperforms the Tesla Model S as it suffers loss of power after multiple laps on a race circuit.


The I-Pace wheels are set to the corners so it looks a bit like a hatchback. On closer examination however the I-Pace is larger mainly due to the high hood. If you install the 22 inch wheels then this car ends up with 30 inch tires.

Its wheelbase is 2 inches longer compared to the BMW X5. The grille reminds you – as if it’s needed – that this is a Jaguar. More than that the grille’s voids enable air to flow into the heat exchanger. With the rounded top edge of the grille directs air below the bridge hood.

From there the air goes out the scoop, above the roof and windshield then under the rear wing. The end result is it calms the air flow emanating from the car’s tail. This approach also removes the rear glass moisture and eliminates the need for a rear wiper.

The box-like end of the I-Pace is a deliberate choice as it improves the car’s aerodynamics. With a 0.29 drag coefficient it is superior to most other electric cars in the market today.


On the floor sits the battery pack, and space is not an issue in the roomy interior. The back offers plenty of room as well for adults. The back cushions are flat, short and low so they’re ideal for kids.

The infotainment controls are divided into 2 screens: there is the 5.5 inch screen for climate controls, and the 10 inch screen for the main functions. The console comes with all the standard features you’d expect along with battery management software.

Every I-Pace has SAE CCS ports so you can charge it quickly. The car is also compatible with 100-kW DC charging. Charging up to 8-0% full takes around 85 minutes. If you use the lithium ion pack at home it will take about 13 hours. The battery warranty is 100,000 miles / 8 years.


The I-Pace sets a high standard when it comes to electric cars. The pricing is competitive among EVs and the style / performance combo is hard to beat. While Tesla dominates the conversation, the I-Pace has quietly raised the bar and pushed the goal further.

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