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2018 GMC Terrain



The GMC Terrain has been revamped for 2018, and what you get is a more compact, svelte design. The V6 engine is gone and in its place we have 3 turbocharged 4-cylinder engines, and a turbo diesel with excellent fuel mileage.

One of the things you’ll notice with the 2018 Terrain is that it’s been completely overhauled. It is lighter and smaller than the last model. Its wheelbase is smaller but the interior is spacious, and the chassis has been revamped too.


The standard engine is a 1.5-liter inline-four cylinder, 170 HP turbo.  There’s also an option to go with a 137 HP, 1.6L inline 4 turbo, or a 252 HP, 2L inline 4 turbocharger.

The standard 170 HP engine isn’t the fastest, but it gets the job done for a compact crossover. The more powerful engine variants are on the SLT and SLE trims and the Terrain Denali.

The 1.5L takes 8.9 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. The 137 HP engine is equipped with a 6 speed automatic, and while it’s smooth is a bit slower than the 1.5L.  Fuel economy and performance are also good compared to other crossovers in its range.

Driving and Performance

The redesigned chassis pays off here as the Terrain offers a smooth and comfortable ride. Engagement isn’t as deep as on other crossovers but you’ll be riding easy here. The engine has sufficient power and turbo lag is minimal too.

The 9 speed auto transmission is easy to use, as a quick boot allows you to shift gears. The handling, steering and riding is enjoyable. Also worth noting here is the suspension which really comes to the fore when you’re cruising down the highway.

The steering is smooth and direct. Making twists and turns is easy especially at cruising speed. Braking is nothing spectacular and that’s a good thing. The secret to its efficiency is that pressure is applied progressively for greater efficiency.


The interior is roomy, with the back and front seats fitted with good upholstery and support. No matter what the trim is, the Terrain has a rear bench with 60/40 split folding that should comfortably sit three. The Denali, SLT and SLE models all have flat folding seats up front.

The electronic shifter are comprised of numerous switches, and while they’re handy may take some getting used to. The other features in the interior are user friendly and ergonomic. The Terrain also does a decent job of managing the sound off the highway, tires and the wind when driving at high speed.

Eating height is good and makes driving easy. Its window line is low, and combined with the large windshield and low cowl you get a clear view of the road ahead. The rear window could have been bigger though. The blind spot monitor is not available in the SL and is only found on the SLT, SLE and Denali.


The Terrain does not lack in infotainment features. The system offers Android and Apple compatibility. The menus are easy to follow, the graphics are crisp and connectivity is top notch.

The SLE and SL models have a 7 inch touchscreen display while the Denali and the SLT have an 8 inch. The SLE, SLT and the Denali models also come with a navigation system. Depending on the model you choose, other features may be included like those below.

Standard features:

Mobile Wi-Fi
Bluetooth phone
Bluetooth audio
AUX input
Apple CarPlay
Android auto


Voice recognition
Real time weather
Real time traffic
The Terrain performs well thanks to its IntelliLink system, and even if you’re not familiar with the system, the menus make navigation easy. Touch inputs respond promptly. The USB ports also respond rapidly.


With its fold flat front seat and 60/40 split folding seat, the Terrain offers plenty of room for your stuff. Putting carry on luggage won’t be a problem as there is plenty of space here. The cubby storage is on par with other crossovers. However, the Terrain did away with the regular gearshift in favor of a push button selector.

This decision is a good one because it provides additional space in the middle of the console. If you carry a lot of luggage and don’t mind the unique transmission configuration, this will be to your liking.


The Terrain meets the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) safety requirements. The air anchors are easy to find and it’s got good air bags, and the high end trims have even more safety features.


The GMC Terrain is a worthy upgrade over its predecessor. It places emphasis on driver comfort, dependable powertrains and smooth performance. The interior is spacious and is also stylish.

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