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2017 Ford RS: Jam-packed with new tech



Embrace yourself! The hot hatchback market was never as luxurious, exciting and diverse before. Introducing a brand new dimension to this hot hatchback segment is the latest Ford Focus RS Edition. Launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the car utilizes the standard 350PS 2.3-litre Eco-Boost engine.

‘Designed exclusively by the Ford performance team, RS showcases a Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential for the front axle. It assists in distributing the power between the front wheels, and limiting power to a wheel that’s losing grip, to eventually help the car corner more sharply and avoid understeer’.

Engine and Fuel-Economy:

Deriving its power from the turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four that produces enormous power equivalent to 350 horses, the Focus RS stands a notch higher than all the other cars in its segment. It is miraculously capable of setting any surface ablaze with its speed.

No wonder RS doesn’t weighs light at 3400 pounds, but thanks to its all-wheel-drive traction that compliments the six-speed manual’s short gearing, it could race away from stoplights with ferocity.

Well, an elevated performance of the Focus RS means that fuel economy isn’t the strongest suit of the car. It tends to reside at the thirsty end of the fuel economy.

Performance and Acceleration:

Regardless of its versatile hatchback and four doors, the Focus RS stands apart as a performance car. Earning itself an outclass benchmark in the hyper-hatch class segment; the car is only challenged by the new Honda Civic Type R  in terms of flat-out performance.

What gently tugs under the RS’s steering wheel is the Ford’s EcoBoost mill that is amazingly complimented by its all-wheel-drive that makes out for its chunkier curb weight.

What gives this beast an explosive start is its standard launch-control system that further ensures consistent drive till the end. The pull proves strong enough to the RS’s 6750-rpm redline in every gear.


Blessed with the racy styling and appealing rear wings, this sport compact class sits somewhere between the solid VW Golf R and the outrageously winged and lifted Honda Civic Type R.

The electrifying Nitrous Blue paint brings a sporty dimension to the Focus RS, while the dark-finished wheels, enormous dual exhaust pipes and blue brake calipers announce to the world that the RS means some serious business.

Infotainment System:

The RS paves way for the 8.0-inch touchscreen that replaces the standard 4.2-inch interface for a Sync 3 setup. The car’s infotainment system now features brighter menus, ample connectivity and logical navigation.

The makers showered the car with a 10-speaker Sony stereo that is widely complimented by the Bluetooth and USB inputs that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity.

On the Inside:

It is quite evident that Ford spent a heavy share of its RS budget on perfecting the powertrain and chassis and powertrain (which we very much approve of) because the company has come up with an interior which is amazingly comes close to the standard. One could avail the optional bucket seats that look splendid and offer luxurious comfort for longer road trips. Furthermore, the seats are fixed a little higher to give a commanding feel to the passengers. The bank of the gauges showcases a nice touch, although there’s nothing more than an ST.

The car offers a high-tech home friendly feel. In addition to this fact, the car’s exterior derives inspiration from the predecessor (lined originally in blue) which implies that RS has surely lost few of its inner-essence in its bid to compete globally.

Owning the car:

When you’re racing the Ford Focus RS, it is luxurious and comfortable enough to be utilized as a family-friendly vehicle– and comes in handy in justifying its extravagant utility to your other half. Ford asserts an economy of 36.7mpg and0 175g/km of CO2 respectively. Well, it is impossible to utilize the  engine’s full performance, in reality the fuel economy lies in the mid-20s.

The new model observes a slight price hike of £3,500 taking the car to £35,795.

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